Why Is Anime Getting So Popular

Anime is the Japanese word for animation.

Anime reflects the Japanese enthusiasm for heavily illustrated stories — called “comic books” in English, and “manga” in Japanese.

Anime unlike other comic books, which is predominantly read by Under 14 age (Small kids usually) but Anime/Manga is seen by across all age groups .
This is why that some of the best writers in Japan decide to write manga rather than purely text-based stories.
This gives animation houses a huge repository of well-written stories that are already in graphic form and makes it much easier to convert to animation.

So, the upshot is that many anime are based on the stories written by the best writers in Japan, and these stores, even if they are written with a young audience in mind, are written by people who are very multi-layered in how they approach writing. Often a manga writer desires to write a story meant for an adult audience but be convinced by his/her editor to write a story geared for a younger audience.

How The Story Writing Begins

To oblige, the writer might make the hero a teenager, but retain the sophisticated layering of a story originally meant to be read by adults. When the resulting manga is then translated into anime form, much of the original sophistication of the story is retained in the translation, and so anime appeal to a much wider range of viewers than American cartoons, which are usually one-dimensional stories meant to target a specific demographic that advertisers are hoping to reach (e.g. 10-year-old kids).

A good example of this is an Anime called Naruto, where in the main hero of the story starts of as an orphan in a village and builds his way up by working harder than anyone else to become the Hokage and be loved by everyone the motivation behind him to save his friends and family he made along the way made the anime worth while for the audience across borders.

Fiction Power

So as kids we all dreamt of having super powers, If we had one wish we want to have super power like Super-speed, laser beam, Fire control, Air Bending and so on.
Mangaka who play on this chord by getting an element of power into the anime to make it visually more appealing to the mass audience.

Fight Scenes

The fight between two rivals in anime is way more interesting than fight between hero and villain in movies, because is anime the artist can move the scene as per his imagination he can bring destroy elements at his will and this brings out the magic in an anime fight.


Anime is widely accessible now because various streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, Netflix, Amazon Prime, So people now have the freedom to watch the whole series from start to end in one place.

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