What Does OVA Mean In Anime

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What Does OVA Mean In Anime

OVA stands for Original Video Animation . That is to say, anime that is not a TV series. As anime grew in popularity, the demand for these non-TV anime increased as well. In order to keep up with this demand, the Japanese anime industry came up with the OVA format. The first OVA anime was released in 1983 and featured Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind. While it was still rather expensive to make an OVA, they sold pretty well and thus allowed the industry to keep releasing more and more original anime.

What is the difference between OVA and TV?

OVA usually takes longer than 13 episodes to develop, but both formats are equally popular. That might be because even though they are both longer than regular TV anime, the typical length of an OVA lies somewhere between one and three episodes. This makes it a bit easier to catch up with your favorite series if you missed some episodes.

What is the purpose of OVA in anime?

OVA (original video anime) is anime that is published for home viewing without any prior theatrical release or television broadcast. OVA (original video anime) may consist of just a few episodes, compared to the hundreds of episodes contained on typical TV series.

Is OVA important to watch?

OVAs are typically bonus episodes that do not significantly impact the plot of the show. (Usually.) That being said, the quality of an OVA can vary.

Some Examples Of Anime OVA

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