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What Does OVA Mean In Anime

  What Does OVA Mean In Anime OVA stands for Original Video Animation . That is to say, anime that is not a TV series. As anime grew in popularity, the demand for these non-TV anime increased as well. In…

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How Will One Piece End

One Piece, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, The story line covers a young lad who strives to become the Pirate King “Kaizoku-ō” and become a free pirate who isn’t restricted by anything “Complete Freedom”..…

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Why Is Anime Getting So Popular

Anime is the Japanese word for animation. Anime reflects the Japanese enthusiasm for heavily illustrated stories — called “comic books” in English, and “manga” in Japanese. Anime unlike other comic books, which is predominantly read by Under 14 age (Small…