Record of Ragnarok Review


Record of Ragnarok is an anime arrangement dependent on the manga of a similar name. At regular intervals the divine beings accumulate to determine humankind’s destiny. Finally, the divine beings have become burnt out on people and choose to quench them. Without a second to spare before judgment is projected a valkyrie named Brunhilde steps in and requests that the divine beings let people demonstrate their value in the skirmish of Ragnarok – a competition where people face divine beings one on one. There are thirteen warriors on each side, and the principal gathering to arrive at seven triumphs wins.
Divine beings from different pantheons go head to head against incredible people from across history, every one of whom is using a valkyrie who has changed into a spiritualist weapon. The first Record of Ragnarok manga is composed by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui, and is delineated by Ajichika. The Record of Ragnorok anime is coordinated by Masao Okubo, with movement by Graphnica. It was delivered by Warner Brothers and at the hour of this composing is as of now accessible solely on Netflix.

Record of Ragnarok

My View

Record of Ragnarok is a demonstration of limits. Both inside the content and past it’s anything but, an anime that quickly wavers among highs and lows in each regard. I feel that from numerous points of view it’s anything but a great deal about the condition of the business as it presently stands, while at the same time giving a window into crafted by the past.

Record of Ragnarok is nowhere near as bad as what I was told to expect, yet at the same time it’s clear that the work is simply not to the caliber that the source material (and fans) are so clearly crying out for. It’s not bad enough to revile, nor good enough to recommend. Perhaps, then, mediocrity is the greatest sin of all.

“I knew it. The gods are far more short-tempered than mankind.” (Season 1, Episode 1)

Brunhilde – Record of Ragnarok

Amazing Story line, Plus Ultra Energy, easy hook, Power Showcase

Mediocre animation with a salt of outright poorly done sequences. in short Netflix screwed it.

Anime Info

Director: Masao ŌkuboSeries Composition: Kazuyuki FudeyasuMusic: Yasuharu Takanashi
Original creator: Ajichika ,Takumi Fukui, Shinya Umemura
Character Design: Masaki Sato
Art Director: Shinobu Yamaguchi
Sound Director: Yasunori Ebina
Director of Photography: Yukihiro Masumoto


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