Nationalities Record of Ragnarok Characters

Nationalities Record of Ragnarok Characters of the Anime

Adamas – Greek

Aphrodite – Greek

The Greek Goddess of Love. She is joined by a gathering of stone golems that she utilizes as a seat, and to hold up her immense bosoms

Ares – Greek

The Greek God of fortitude and war

Heracles – Greek

A previous human and Greek lord of solidarity and valour who battles in the fourth match by the divine beings’ side, equipped with an otherworldly club.

Hermes- Greek

The messenger of the divine beings.

Kronos – Greek

Posedion – Greek

The Greek divine force of the ocean and Zeus’ more established sibling who battles in the third match, outfitted with a pike.

Zeus – Greek

The incomparable Greek god and executive of the Gods’ Council who battles in the subsequent match, battling barehanded.

Bishamonten – Japanese

He is a divine force of heroes and a punisher of scoundrels who takes an interest in the 6th match, enabling himself by retaining the Seven Lucky Gods into his body.

Isami Kondo – Japanese

Raiden Tameemon – Japanese

The most noteworthy appraised Japanese sumo grappler from the nineteenth century who battles in the fifth match. He wears a mawashi allowed by the valkyrie Þrúðr, which gives him unlimited oversight over his body’s muscles.

Seigan Toda – Japanese

Souji Okita – Japanese

The chief of the Shinsengumi an extraordinary police power from nineteenth century Japan, acclaimed for his swordsmanship

Zerofuku – Japanese

Buddha – Nepal

A previous human and ninth manifestation of Vishnu who made the religion of Buddhism, known as “The Enlightened One”. Notwithstanding having achieved godhood, Buddha chooses to battle for the human side in the 6th match, a lot to the rage of different divine beings. Rather than a Volund, he utilizes his own weapon, a staff that can expect six unique structures as per his feelings.

Rudra – Indian

Shiva – Indian

Chen Gong – Chinese

Lu Bu – Chinese

A tactical general and warlord who lived during the late Eastern Han administration of Imperial China and mankind’s delegate for the main match. His weapon is the Sky Piercer, a halberd conceded by the valkyrie Randgriz, whose uncommon capacity permits Lu Bu to break any shield.

Guan Yu – Chinese

Zhang Fei – Chinese

Goll – Norse

Brunhilde’s most youthful sister who is constantly seen with her

Loki – Norse

The Norse divine force of mischief.

Odin – Norse

The preeminent Norse god, he is Thor and Loki’s dad.

Adam – Humanity

The forebear of all mankind who battles in the subsequent match. His weapon is a knuckleduster, conceded by the valkyrie Reginleif.

Thor – Norse

The Norse lord of thunder and a delegate for the divine beings for the main match, equipped with the sledge Mjölnir.

Jack The Ripper – British

A scandalous British chronic executioner from the late nineteenth century who battles in the fourth match. He wears a couple of gloves conceded by the valkyrie Hlökk, whose uncommon capacity permits Jack the Ripper to transform anything his gloves contact into a heavenly weapon equipped for killing divine beings.

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