How Will One Piece End

One Piece, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, The story line covers a young lad who strives to become the Pirate King “Kaizoku-ō” and become a free pirate who isn’t restricted by anything “Complete Freedom”..

The Straw Hats each on a character level has goals and aspirations of their own and will be their life missions to full fill those.
Lets start Character by character :


Will Become the Pirate king, i.e. conquer the grand line and sail throughout, and find the one piece, will likely return his straw hat to shanks as promised. Pirates all over will look to him as their saviour and hero.
Gossip: Probably will marry Nami and break Boa Hancock’s heart.


Become the world’s greatest Swordsman by defeating the current Greatest champ Hawkeye in a duel. My bet it would start off as a fight to the death but Zoro won’t kill his master instead leave him with a lethal blow. Zoro will open up his own dojo when he gets old enough, maybe taking over his master’s old one in East Blue.
Gossip: Will end up with Nico Robin.


Will discover “All blue” and be the greatest Chief i.e. reach that mysterious place and cook dishes using spices and dishes from all parts of the world. Will Impress all the ladies with his cooking skills. He will spend many years researching and cooking new recipes, able to make great new super foods. Sanji will want to settle down, he will start a family, but one day he’ll get a call. One that tells him it’s time to come home. Vinsmoke Judge on his deathbed will relent his grief about Sora and proclaim Sanji as the true Germa King.


To be the bravest man in the world i.e literally anything from standing up to defend a small kid to fighting against the world government to protect Luffy to sacrificing his life to protect Luffy. He will prove to be an evolving character till the end.


Achieve the title of being the Greatest doctor i.e discover medicine to some incurable disease/injury. And help as many Nakama’s he can.


Discover the truth of the void century i.e. either read all the Poneglyphs and find One Piece or learn about it in depth from all by herself. It will be her life’s work and she will want to spread the information across the world. I have a feeling that Robin will be instrumental is reconstructing the government from the ground up,


Becoming the world’s greatest ship builder, this happens when Sunny conquers the Grand Line. And become the best Robot fighter. He will probably seek to get an official pardon for his old master Tom even in death, and maybe they will bring the sea train all the way across the world, repairing Water 7’s flood issue in the process.


The only goal that I can think of is to go meet his whale friend once. He will will finally return to Laboon. It will be his final adventure and for the rest of his days he spends writing songs about the Strawhats, ones that will last for all time.


To create a proper, and accurate map of the whole world i.e. sail all over the world (Grand Line) and make maps.And sell that for millions and become super rich!
She will spend a lot of money going on adventures with her sister and maybe her nakama too, Also I don’t think she will be able to leave her tricking people and stealing life, so we might get to see some of that too.

All the Suspense & Build Up’s

Another thing that the series must do is to tie all the loose ends, like Easter eggs about Poneglyphs, the three legendary weapons, void century and its (seemingly) dark connection with the World Government, the Will of D, the tension between World Government and Revolutionary Army, and the prediction about Luffy destroying Fishman Island.

So, the series will end when all the above mentioned things (and some more) are properly shown/explained/concluded.

In my opinion the Easter eggs are related like: the Void century’s secret will be revealed from the One Piece, which will be reached by the help of Poneglyphs, and then it will explain the rise in power of the World Government, which will also relate to the Will of D. The prediction of Luffy destroying Fishman Island and Sanji’s dream of seeing All Blue may also be related as, Luffy will destroy the border separating all four sides of the sea, and since Fishman Island falls along the border it will be destroyed giving rise to All Blue (this is a very interesting and one of the most popular fan theory in One Piece).

Also, seeing how the World Government is shown, I think they will be one of the main baddies of the series. And either they will suck-up to Blackbeard or Vice-Versa. So, the World Government will be evil and Luffy will fight against all of its branches (like the Marineford War on a much larger scale and with much larger stakes).Furthermore, oda said someone close to Luffy will die. And, if it is someone the crew and the ship needs (like chef, doctor, handyman/fixer, navigator, etc.) they will be mourned and replaced later (though I dont see this happening). It could be Zoro, but that is highly unlikely as he’s the Right hand man of Luffy. So, if I had to guess it’d be Jinbei or Brook.

Things likely to Happen

  • Allies big enough to fight the world government
  • Will Of D will be revealed
  • Liberation of Wano
  • World Government falling apart
  • Akainu being defeated by luffy
  • Revenge on Black Beard
  • What laughtale laugh all about
  • One Piece’s Discovery – Is it power, Gold, Money

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