How Will Asta DIE !


Wizard King Julius Novachrono had mentioned, in the manga and anime that he predicted that asta will die at the end. Usually his predictions are always on point

In Manga we can see that Lucifero has been resurrected, even though he only has 50% of his Original power. He has been too OP for the captains and all the wizards across the kingdom, chances are asta will go all out with luciferoo and might injure him or atleast sent him back to hell either by sacrificing him or by combing his powers with yuno.

But there is high probability that lucifero will KILL ASTA and then asta will have to make a contract with the demon either libe or new demon (Maybe asta’s Father) in return for a demon heart, which will end up making him more POWERFULLL #OP

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