Black Clover Time Skip Asta

We believe that demons will be released and will take over the land we know in Black Clover Kingdom, Rest of the races will take shelter in the new world

Now we have reason to believe that demons will be released and will take over the land we know in Black Clover Kingdom, and humans, elfs and other races will take refuge in other part of the black clover world (For Eg: Land Of The Rising Sun the place from where Yami Is)

Of course our team will re group gather mana Learn new skills form a plan to take over Clover Kingdom and the rest of the capital back!

adult asta vs yuno

Mostly Asta would stay behind His Father could be a demon God and will train him and Yuno and Asta could become enemies in the future.

Where is all this coming from you ask ?
Black clover  posted a new exhibition on the official  children jump website and this  time we didn’t get a lot of new pages  instead the old pages from the last year  exhibition  have been changed for those who don’t  know what the black over exhibition is  it’s basically a collection of images  and information that gives the  foreshadowing  last year exhibition has revealed the  word love the english translation of the  german word liber which is the name of  Asta’s devil  revealed a few chapters later
Exhibition Images :
black clover exhibition 1

black clover exhibition 2

black clover exhibition 3

black clover exhibition 4

So  everything we find here will have an  impact on the clover in the near future  this year we have a before and after  comparison  and an additional mysterious engraving  we will go through  every single page and analyse it so that  we can explain the foreshadowing the  interesting part  starts with a mysterious page that shows  a stone wall I examined this page and  found an engraving  it’s hard to understand what this is  supposed to mean I traced everything to  make it appear clear  and it looks like a pattern that has  been mirrored multiple times we can  definitely assume that it is supposed to  represent something demonic  this could be an altar maybe some kind  of ritual it will be more obvious  if we just trace the dark lines then we  will see a head  eyes horns it most likely is a devil  so the entire exhibition has most likely  something to do with the impact of  devils which makes sense since black  clover is currently in the devil saga.

And Nacht will try to bring back Morgan from the hands of Lucifugus, so that he cant repent for the things he did wrong, and the crimes he committed.

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