Naruto Crossover X AnimeVerse

Naruto Crossover: So Naruto crossover, is often fan favourite, where every other anime character would love to be part of the naruto universe, so why not see our fav characters in other anime universe. Naruto X My Hero Academia Naruto…

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OVA image

What Does OVA Mean In Anime

  What Does OVA Mean In Anime OVA stands for Original Video Animation . That is to say, anime that is not a TV series. As anime grew in popularity, the demand for these non-TV anime increased as well. In…

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astas death

How Will Asta DIE !

** SPOILERS ALERT** Wizard King Julius Novachrono had mentioned, in the manga and anime that he predicted that asta will die at the end. Usually his predictions are always on point In Manga we can see that Lucifero has been…

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Record of Ragnarok Review

Summary Record of Ragnarok is an anime arrangement dependent on the manga of a similar name. At regular intervals the divine beings accumulate to determine humankind’s destiny. Finally, the divine beings have become burnt out on people and choose to…

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Shock One Piece

How Will One Piece End

One Piece, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, The story line covers a young lad who strives to become the Pirate King “Kaizoku-ō” and become a free pirate who isn’t restricted by anything “Complete Freedom”..…

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